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Fixing Our Broken Sleep (MSLE)
Start Date:Monday, April 27 (1 meetings)Location: 226, LHS
Instructor: Rick Clerici Meeting Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuition: $30($30 for seniors)Status: Running/Still Openings

In this 90 minute presentation attendees will gain an understanding of the intimate connection between sleep and physical, emotional and cognitive health. Attendees will† learn techniques for overcoming common sleep problems like "trouble falling asleep", "difficulty staying asleep", "excessive† thinking", "waking too early", "Sunday night insomnia", "chronic insomnia" and "daytime sleepiness". Ample time is planned for individual sleep questions. Educational support materials will be supplied along with questionnaires designed to help attendees better understand the nature of their own sleep. A guided relaxation exercise teaches techniques for initiating sleep and returning to sleep. This hands on presentation has helped many people to begin getting better sleep almost immediately.

Your instructor Rick Clerici is a Certified Clinical Sleep Educator, a Behavioral Sleep Medicine Educator and Hypnotherapist. At Sleep HealthCenters, the nationís leader in sleep medicine, Rick conducted over 500 over night sleep studies, created corporate sleep wellness programs and treated patients for insomnia and parasomnias. Rick is the sleep educator for 3 leading employee assistance agencies, Clear Mind Systems and a major medical supplier. As a sleep consultant Rick is a sought after speaker and advises corporations, universities and municipalities on sleep-related issues.